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Les Poochs Brushes

Les Poochs Brushes
FREE SHIPPING on all Les Poochs brushes!
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"They're Magical" - These are the brushes you've heard so much about. They are the most versatile and effective tool you can use for maintaining your Doodle's coat. The Doodle Country Store is an authorized retailer of these brushes, and we offer the complete assortment of brush varieties and sizes recommended for all breeds.

Notice of Availability:
All of the Les Poochs brushes are currently sold out.
The company is relocating to a new production facility and has temporarily suspended the brush production.

The brush production is expected to resume later this year,
however the exact date is unknown.
Any updates that we receive will be posted below.

The Latest Update from Les Poochs:
Production is expected to resume later this year.
When production resumes, the Green variety, Purple variety
and Mat Zappers will be the first in production.

Our customer testimonials are posted at the bottom of this page.

FREE SHIPPING on all Les Poochs brushes!
(applies to USA orders - Priority Mail)

All prices listed in USD.


I got the mat zapper today and it's AMAZING! I wish I'd found your website 2 years ago when the matting started! Thank you for providing these fabulous brushes to us in the USA! I'm ordering the brush as soon as I send this email. Thanks again!
Lauren White ~ St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Just received my brush this morning....what an awesome brush. I used it right away on my labradoodle and it is worth every penny. She looks great and was much easier on both of us than the other brushes I have been using. And the degreaser worked just great getting the little snarls out from behind her ears. Thank you so much for your advice on the correct one for her wavy fleece fur.
Sandy Moore ~ Kearns, Utah, USA

I recently purchased a "green pro-series" Les Pooch brush for my Pomeranian. I have had poms for 8 years but my newest edition has a massive coat that is in summer blow as well as shedding his 1st adult coat. I could not get his dead undercoat out! As I scanned sites looking for a local groomer, I ran across the Les Pooch. I decided since it was the same price as one grooming I would give it a shot. This brush is amazing. I got a quart sized plastic bag full of undercoat out of him. I have a drawer full of "special" shedding combs/brushes. Nothing comes close to doing the job of the Les Pooch! Money well spent.
I'll never part with it.

Marlene Hufford ~ Creedmoor, North Carolina, USA

Just wanted to say thank you, my brushes arrived last week and the comb arrived today. The Les Poochs brushes have made grooming a dream. Tulli and Baloo both love being brushed with them and the knots and mats that were my enemy are now not even on the radar as a bother to me. I have used other brands in the past, but honestly the Les Poochs brushes win hands down. The time is now minimal for grooming and lots more time for playing. I love the way the brush softens the coat, when I brush them they go all fluffy but in no time at all their coat settles into soft waves/spirals again whereas with other slickers it would stay fluffy for almost a week before it would settle, even then their coats never looked as good as they do now.
Sharon Wilson ~ Moonah, Tasmania, Australia

"The Les Pooches green brush arrived yesterday and I love it! Wow, what a difference. I really notice it on our Pekingese. Our Shih Tzu currently has a very short puppy cut, Doodle Leo has a genuine puppy do, but Missy our Peke has one of those long flowing gorgeous Peke tails. And it always gets tangled and she hates having it brushed out. It took me about five minutes to brush all of her last night, and she loved it. The tail tangles literally melted out."
Lori McCoy ~ Moss Beach, California, USA

"I don't know what I ever did without this wonderful brush. I raise and show Maltese and currently have six dogs either in or growing long show coat. A friend recommended this brush and I have to say, I have never had anything work better. It takes out mats with minimal coat loss and best of all, doesn't hurt them doing it. I use the yellow regular size soft flex. Thank you so much for carrying this wonderful product."
Ann Jones ~ Lodi, California, USA

"I absolutely love the brush. It does such a good job. I was amazed. I would highly recommend it." Bonnie Olzack ~ Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA

"Nuggy looks gorgeous!! She's got a beautiful coat anyway...but we never knew how beautiful until we used this brush. We had another wire brush, but the results can't even compare!"
Susan Taylor ~ Baldwin Place, New York, USA

"I have been using the green version of the brush on our two Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers and it has worked wonders! The brush has worked well on both of them, one with sort of a coarse coat, and one with a soft coat. The soft-coated male, in particular, has been touchy and resistant when mats or pre-mats were brushed, but he has been much calmer and the brush has removed these mats very simply and efficiently with noticeably less pulling. I removed a round burr from his beard the other day with one swift but gentle swipe with the brush after he had resisted all of my attempts to pluck it out by hand. The brush has also done an excellent job on getting into the front “armpits” where Wheatens like to scratch and therefore where mats easily form. I lift up the leg and brush from front to back through that area and voila, all nice and neat. The narrow version is ideal for getting into delicate areas."
Nancy Newlin ~ San Jose, California, USA

I have a one-year-old Goldendoodle, "Andy" with primarily a wool coat. I brushed him everyday, but the undercoat had so many mats that it was a constant frustration. I had bought supposedly good quality brushes and dematters at the dog stores. They did not work for detangling the mats. I even began regretting having a Doodle. The slickers hurt his skin and grooming became a battle. I had bought grooming scissors from DoodleCountry and had been very pleased. Kemp suggested trying the Les Poochs dog brushes when Andy's adult coat came in.

I bought the green Les Poochs brush and the emergency Mat Zapper. Well, if I had known what a miraculous brush it is, I would have bought it months ago. My Goldendoodle is 98% mat-free in about two brushings! I cannot believe how well these brushes work. Andy does not mind being brushed and actually seems to enjoy it now.

Thank you, Kemp, for being so responsive and knowledgeable about your products. I have bought the Les Poochs shampoo and creme rinse. I haven't tried them yet, but if they are anything like the brushes, I cannot wait to use them. I will definitely be back shopping for more products from you.

Brenda L. ~ Alexandria, Virginia, USA

I was skeptical about the Les Poochs brush....but no more!!!!! It is amazing how getting the right brush can make such a big difference. The brush is going through the mats and Amber seems to enjoy being brushed again. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!
Maria T. ~ Ashburn, Virginia, USA