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Les Poochs Brushes

Les Poochs Brushes

Thank you for visiting our Les Poochs brush page.
The Les Poochs brushes have been out of production during the past two years. The company is currently moving the brush production from Europe to the USA, however they are unsure when production will resume.

During the past two years, we have been offering to notify customers by email when the brushes become available. If you have previously requested to be included on our notification list, you will be notified when the brushes are available.

Due to the uncertainty of when the brushes will be available, we are
no longer accepting additional customers on our notification list.

Please be aware that there are imitation brushes being sold online that replicate the image of the Les Poochs brush. Some imitations are even claiming to be the original Les Poochs brush - Don't be fooled.

We hope you will check back here frequently to see if the brushes arrive. In the meantime, we do have the Les Poochs bathing products and luxury pet fragrances available. Please click on the links below to view and order these items.

Thank you so much!!