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Zanies® Pastel Rope Bones

Zanies® Pastel Rope Bones
Item# ZW803

Zanies® Pastel Rope Bones
Doodles Love To Chomp and Romp with Zanies® Pastel Rope Toys

Safe for chewing and tough enough for extended play, Zanies® Pastel Rope Bones are a great way to satisfy any dog's natural desire to chew. These pastel rope bones are made from natural cotton rope dyed with vegetable dyes to create a colorful, long-lasting toy. Perfect for tugging and tossing around, it also keeps your dood's teeth and gums healthy and happy! Pastel Rope Bones are available in the sizes listed below.

Small - 8.5" - $2.95 (Best for Puppies)
Large - 14" - $5.95

All prices are listed in US Dollars.