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8.25" Stainless Pointed-Tip
Straight Shears
by Dubl Duckô

8.25" Stainless Pointed-Tip<br>Straight Shears<br>by Dubl Duckô

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8.25" Stainless Pointed-Tip<br>Straight Shears<br>by Dubl Duckô
Quality German Craftsmanship for High-Quality Performance

Dubl Duckô Shears are handmade by German craftsmen to provide the highest quality and smoothest operation. All blades are finely ground for a long-lasting edge. Ice-tempered metal provides long life. Finger rest provides greater comfort and control. Dubl Duck Shears have long been considered the quality standard in grooming. Straight Shears are made of lightweight, ice-tempered rust-resistant stainless steel and feature a finger rest. Ideal for rough cutting. Shears measure 8 1/4".

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