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Footlong Bully Sticks !!
Premium "Select Size" - Thick
Starting at $17.95 for a 3-Pack

Footlong Bully Sticks !!<br>Premium "Select Size" - Thick<br>Starting at $17.95 for a 3-Pack
Item# BullyStickx3

12" Bully Stick Chews

You know those standard pencil-thin bully sticks that you find in most pet stores?
Well, we offer the Premium "Select Size" bully sticks, meaning they are thick!!
These thick footlong Bully Sticks are all natural and contain no additives or preservatives. They are a great way to maintain your Doodle's teeth and gums while satisfying their desire to chew. These Bully Sticks provide a long-lasting chew.
Much better for your dog than rawhide.

Bully Stick Analysis:
Crude Protein:
not less than 80%
Crude Fat: not less than 1%
Crude Fiber: not more than 1%
Moisture: not more than 15%
Ash: not more than 2%

Current Pricing:
3 Pack = $17.95
5 Pack = $28.95
8 Pack = $45.95
12 Pack = $67.95

Bully sticks are not available for shipment outside the United States.

All prices listed in USD.