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Puppy Training Rope™
(River Rope™)

Puppy Training Rope™<br>(River Rope™)
Item# KBRope

Puppy Training Rope™<br>(River Rope™)

Never watch your dog's favorite toy go downstream or out with the tide again! Have you ever lost your dog’s favorite toy down the river, in the ocean, or at the park because they just didn’t want to fetch ONE MORE TIME! We have the perfect solution. Twenty-five feet of marine rope that attaches easily to your dog's toy so you will NEVER LOSE YOUR DOG'S TOY AGAIN.

Also great for puppy training!! Have you ever tried to teach your puppy to fetch and you end up fetching more than they do? Well, just attach the Puppy Training Rope to the toy and if your puppy get’s distracted, you can reel it back easily! Strong marine rope in bright, visible colors.

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