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For Potty Training

POOCHIE-BELLS<br>For Potty Training
The Designer Doggie Doorbell. (Ring...Ring... I Need to Go Out!)

Yes! Your Doodle can ring...Easy to Train & Use Quickly - 95% success rate.

Each Poochie-BellŪ comes with the suggested training method.

Reinforced bells which are extra smooth, snapped & looped safely into place so that they won't be pulled or fall off, heavy duty designer durable grosgrain ribbon, strategically placed for small and large Doodles.

Great gift idea! - Featured in Yankee Magazine, Woman's World Magazine & on HGTV's website.

An intelligent, proven and highly effective training choice. Proven effective and recommended/ endorsed by professional trainers throughout the United States.

For Doodles Ages 12wks - 20 yrs.

Give your Doodle the ability to clearly and effectively communicate with you without whining, barking, waiting or scratching at the door.

Portable, no batteries, wires, etc.

Top loop unsnaps to accommodate any door handle type.

"I have some and I strongly recommend them! Yarra learned to use them in 10 minutes. I even have a set in my car for traveling." Kate Pappas ~ Los Angeles, California, USA

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Poochie-BellsŪ is a Registered Trademark of Poochie-Bells LLC
Patent Pending - Poochie-Bells

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