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Les Poochs
Pooch Botanique
Large Size
MedAcetic Ear Cleanser

Les Poochs<br>Pooch Botanique<br><u>Large Size</u><br>MedAcetic Ear Cleanser
Item# LPMedESCleanser

New Larger Size!! (8 Ounces)

Pooch Botanique’s patented MedAcetic Ear Cleanser with 1.25% Boric and 1.25% Acetic acid is scientifically formulated to alleviate a wide range of ear ailments. This powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial formula is easy to use, fast and efficient and designed for routine ear cleansing and drying.
This product can also be used on external skin lesions and wounds.

New Size!! ~ 8 Ounce Bottle (previously 4 ounces)

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