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Les Poochs
Pooch Botanique
Large Size
Ear Powder & Vise Grip

Les Poochs<br>Pooch Botanique<br><u>Large Size</u><br>Ear Powder & Vise Grip
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Pooch Botanique Professional Ear Powder and Vise Grip by Les Poochs is a light fast drying powder which, when used on a regular basis, helps to promote otic hygiene.
With Zinc Undecylenate and Boric Acid, Pooch Botanique's Ear Powder delivers a potent antibacterial and anti-fungal regiment to both the Pinna and Ear Canal.

Pooch Botanique Ear Powder has excellent gripping properties which aids in the plucking of hair.

Large Bottle = 65 grams of powder at $38.00 regular price.

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