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Meet Katie!

Meet Katie!
Item# Katie

Meet Katie!

Katie is an eleven-year-old black and white Newfoundland female. Newfies are working dogs. What makes Katie so special is that she actually lives to work. As a result, not only did Katie earn her championship, but she achieved all of her working titles. Once a Newfie does this, she becomes a Versatile Newfoundland, or VN. Not many Newfies accomplish this. Her mother and grandmother were both Register of Merit bitches (ROM), which means they produced many champions. Very few Newfies get to become ROMO's. One of Katie's daughters earned her championship with five majors, four of them in a four-day weekend show, a very unusual accomplishment. Katie comes from excellent bloodlines, and is passing her qualities of intelligence, self-discipline, kindness and good judgment on to the next generation.

When she was younger, before she earned her championship, Katie was the #12 Newfie in the country. All of the other Newfies in the top 15 at the time were champions. Not very many Newfies make the top 15 until they are champions. What judges recognized in Katie was her fabulous structure and her superb movement. She is a true athlete.

Katie is highly intelligent, sophisticated and well-mannered. She never leaves the house without being dressed, which means, for Katie, a shoe in her mouth. She prefers left shoes. And she never goes through a door unless we go first.

Katie is now the alpha dog, but she'd rather not be, as her daughters, she feels, are difficult to manage. Katie talks to her animal communicator often and tells us many good dog secrets.

Katie loves her new bumpers. She says she can see them much better now that they have patterns on them. She recommends them to every dog who needs to train or just wants to play.

Katie is giving the nice folks at Katie's Bumpers new ideas all the time! Stay tuned.