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Les Poochs
Detangling Spray

Les Poochs<br>Detangling Spray
Item# LPDetangler

Concentrated - Pre-Wash - Maintains Coat - Enhances Shine & Luster - Fortified With Pro Vitamin B5, Sea Kelp and Evening Primrose

Les Poochs Pre-Wash Detangling Spray

Les Poochs Pre-Wash Detangling Spray is a revolutionary light formula designed to gently separate each strand of hair with the least amount of effort.

Positively charged molecules attach to the hair shaft releasing the most stubborn of matts with ease.

No more tugging at clumps of matts.

Les Poochs Pre-Wash Detangling Spray saves your dog's beautiful coat!


Holding the bottle 6 to 12 inches from the coat begin spraying matted areas, then brush with the appropriate Les Poochs brush. Shampoo with a Les Poochs Shampoo and follow-up with a Les Poochs Creme Rinse if needed. When shampooing and rinsing, use water that is at room-temperature or slightly cooler.

Les Poochs Pre-Wash Detangling Spray - 8 Ounce bottle (236ml)

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