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Les Poochs Brush
Firm Deshedder
Wide Size

Les Poochs Brush<br>SILVER VARIETY<br>Firm Deshedder<br>Wide Size
Item# LPBrushWideSilver
Regular price: $100.00
Sale price: $75.00

The Best Deshedder and a Fabulous Firm Finishing Brush All in One.

Optimize brushing time with the Les Poochs Silver Brush. The innovative design of this grooming tool makes it a powerful deshedder and an overall firm finishing brush. The bristle layout allows you to more effectively deshed double coated breeds. It gently, but efficiently, removes dead hair from the undercoat, leaving a soft shimmer. You will be amazed at how much hair is removed with just a few strokes. This universal tool is also a great go-to brush for fluffing during drying, and for thinning the coat behind the ears and legs.
The width of the brush head is: 3-1/2 inches.

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