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KATIE'S BUMPERS<br>Training Toys

* Katie's Bumpers were designed with both humans and dogs in mind.

*Katie's Bumpers are fun and cool and unique.

*Katie's Bumpers are safe for everyone. All of the designs on the bumpers are molded into the non-toxic vinyl as part of the manufacturing process. It is not painted on and therefore will not come off in your dog's mouth.

*Whether you are a serious dog trainer doing land or water work or you have a dog that loves to fetch, Katie's Bumpers are great.

*They are easy for you and your dog to see in just about any setting or weather condition.

*They have just the right amount of weight for a good toss.

Katie's Bumpers™ and the Katie's Bumpers™ Logo are used with permission and are registered trademarks of The Katie's Bumpers™ company. All rights reserved. Patent pending.

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