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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Poochie-BellsŪ work for Standard Doodles?
Definitely. Your Doodle just needs to nudge the bells or anywhere on the ribbon. This will move the ribbon and jingle the four bells so you can hear it. Poochie-BellsŪ has had terrific feedback from both large and small dog owners. Examples are greyhounds, labs, dalmatians to the little guys such as terriers.

Do I leave the bells on the door all the time? Yes. Your Poochie-BellsŪ should hang on the inside doorknob all the time when training, for your Doodle to be able to ring them when he/she needs out. In addition, having the bells on the door reinforces your Doodle's understanding and association that when the door opens, the bells rings - when training your dog. He/she will associate the bell sound with the door opening by having the bells there consistently. Once he/she is trained, you can move your poochie-bell if you like to a hook next to the door within reach for your dog to ring.

Does my Poochie-Bell have to hang on the doorknob? Great question...Hanging your Poochie-Bell next to your door on a small hook works just as well. As long as your Doodle can reach you should be fine. In fact, if you are concerned about how long and if you dood can reach the bells, a hook may be a good option for you so you can adjust how long it hangs next to the door.

Does Poochie-BellsŪ attach to any door handle type? Yes! Poochie-BellsŪ are designed to attach to most door handle types. With a typical doorknob, you can just slip your Poochie-BellsŪ over it and you're all set. With a slider or other type of door handle such as one with a push-handle type opener, you can unsnap the top hanging loop and loop through your door handle and re-snap into place.

What if my Doodle rings the bells all the time? As with any training procedure, it is important that you remain the authoritative leader. You can rectify this behavior by controlling the frequency you allow your dog to go outside. If you dog just went out, and then rings the bells shortly after coming inside, do not let him back out until a reasonable amount (no more than once an hour) of time has passed and he re-rings the bells. Your dog has learned the behavior, you just need to modify it. He will soon learn not to abuse his new communication tool with you.

Can I use treats to help with my Poochie-BellsŪ training? We recommend that you try training without treats first. You want your Doodle to understand the reward of ringing is your attention and the ability to let you know effectively that he needs out. If, though, you find your dog hesitant or nervous to ring the bells due to the sound, you can smear a little peanut butter or cream cheese (just a dab) on the bells to let him know the bells are his friend and not to be afraid (be aware of food allergies first). Giving your Doodle a food treat may speed up your initial training, however, your dog may learn to ring every time he would like a treat and not just when he needs out, so we recommend bell training without food treats.

How old should my puppy be before I start trying to use Poochie-BellsŪ? We recommend that your puppy be at least 12 to 16 weeks of age before trying to train him to use Poochie-BellsŪ. As with any training program, your puppy needs to be old enough to understand the training concept.

How long does it take for my dog to use the Poochie-BellsŪ consistently? Well....this one is up to you. Depending on your Doodle's ability and YOUR consistency in training and praise, each dog may adopt ringing the bell differently. Bottom line, don't get frustrated with your training and be realistic about the time it takes to teach your Doodle this new habit. Some dogs have adopted the bells as quickly as a few days to several months.

Are Poochie-BellsŪ just for puppies or can any dog be trained to use the bells? Old dogs can learn new behaviors!!! Poochie-BellsŪ are definitely not just for puppies.

My Doodle uses several doors to go out...which one do I hang the Poochie-BellsŪ on? All of them unless you want to train your dog to use a specific door. Poochie-BellsŪ are made to be able to fit on a variety of door knob types. The snap enables you to attach easily to a variety of door handles.

Can I hang my Poochie-BellsŪ on the exterior of my door so I know when my dog wants to come in? Poochie-BellsŪ are made for interior use. Long term exposure to Mother Nature may harm your poochie-bells. Hearing bells from outside within your house may also depend upon weather, closed windows, doors, etc. and you may not be able to hear the bells from inside the house if they are placed outdoors.

Should I train my Doodle to use his nose or his paw to ring the bells? Whatever works for the dog. However, we recommend training your Doodle to use their nose so that you minimize scratches on your door, or the dog knocking the bells off the door knob or tangling the Poochie-Bells. The key is reinforce and be consistent EVERY TIME you go out with your Doodle.

If my pet uses two different doors, should I order the same color for each for my pet's training consistency? No. You do not need to purchase the same color for multiple doors within the same house. The consistency of the size, shape and placement of the bells allows for your pet to recognize Poochie-BellsŪ regardless of the style ribbon you select.

I have a doggie door, why would I need Poochie-BellsŪ? Having a communication tool for you and your Doodle alerts you to when your dog needs to go outside. By hearing Poochie-BellsŪ, you know that your Doodle needs to go out. You can control when your dog is outside rather than having your dog come and go as he pleases. Outside threats such as other animals, cars, weather, etc. are factors and knowing when your pet is outside gives you control instantly if your Doodle is out or not.

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